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The Best Care Homes in the Business

Awards for the best Care Homes

Awards for the best Care Homes

Just like any other business sector, care and retirement homes have their own awards and means of getting recognised when they do great things. A recent award scheme has been collated which shows the best care homes in the business.

Care home residents as well as their friends and relatives have rated care homes across the UK, giving their Top 20 for each region. Their reviews of the overall standard of a care home, also include ratings on nutrition, staff, whether they are treated with dignity, value for money and the facilities.

These have all been collated by a leading care home reviews site, with each home given a score out of 10. The organisation hopes their awards will help make people’s search for a care home easier.

The awards are based on over 45,000 reviews received between July 2015 and 31 March 2017 from residents and their family and friends. To see the list of top care homes in the UK go to www.carehome.co.uk/awards/



The best care homes

The best care homes

The words “care home” can all too easily conjure up images of bored older people sitting around in armchairs in a drab living room. The best modern care homes are challenging those stereotypes.

Nowadays they are much more likely to come equipped with all sorts of facilities – from pubs to cinemas, and some even provide news for residents to help make them feel more at home and to encourage positive interaction between residents, staff and visitors.

What are the most unexpected facilities in care homes? A recent study by The Guardian found these amazing and most surprising amenities were making a real difference to the quality of life for those in care.

A pub! Staff at Northbourne Care Home wanted some new ways to provide a stimulating environment for their residents. The answer? Well they decided to create an on-site pub in which they hold themed nights, quizzes and bingo. “The Anchor” opened in 2014 and has proven extremely popular with residents and families can sometimes join them too.

A chicken run! HenPower, a project delivered by arts organisation Equal Arts came about when one care home resident kept talking about missing his “girls”. Staff came to realise he was referring to his chickens. The charity stepped in and bought six hens and set up a coop in the garden with staff and residents taking on the roles to look after the hens, with a weekly programme of creative activities around the chickens, including feather printing and creative writing.

The project proved so popular that Equal Arts took it to other care homes and since 2012, HenPower has been rolled out to more than 50 care settings with providers including Orchard Care, Akari Care, Housing & Care 21 and Bondcare all onboard.

A coffee shop: When Waypoints, which provides specialist dementia care decided to open a new care home, it worked closely with the local town council to identify community benefits for the redevelopment. Two retail outlets were included in the plans – Costa Coffee moved into one of them. While it is separate from the care home, the cafe has become the most popular place for families of residents to take their loved ones when visiting.

A cinema: Three times a week at Lakeview Care Home in Lightwater, Surrey, residents pile into the home’s very own cinema to watch a film. When not used for films, the room is used for karaoke nights, pub quizzes and even weekly debates on stories in the news.

What is the most surprising facility you have ever come across in a care or residential home? We look forward to hearing from you.